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the grace in tripping

the finesse in falling

9 November 1985
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circa 1999
all I want in life right now is for my hair to be that long again.
I work on it everyday.

I am in constant motion these days. Wanderlust has taken over - but I am easily found.
abortion rights, abusing the library system, airplanes, art without apology, at fault wreckage, baking, battle with punctuality, believing hard, big cities, billy corgan, birth control, birthdays, boy parts, brilliant queers, calle ocho, cerebral orgasms, chai tea, chicago, clutter, communication, confrontational passivism, consent is sexy, convictions, creating antiquity, curly haired boys, cussing, cutting hair, decomposing poetry, desire, dignity, eating books whole, ecofeminism, eloquence of accomplishment, evoking emotion, eyelashes, favorite boys, female figure, fierce poetry, floral liberation, flux, free speach, fruit picnics, gender diversity, getting to the roots, heli-copters, human-kind, illustrating it, indulging, infoshops, ink, invisable soapboxes, karma, keeping it green, knowledge as power, lavender, left wing family, lemon flavored anything, literature, loving you, lust, making out, making your own adventures, mastering the postal system, mobilizing the populus, nyc, oversized books, pacific ocean, paradoxes, practical idealists, quick bunnies, radical politics, reading is sexy, realizing it's over, recycling everything, relentless travel, riot grrls, rosy cheeks, sand, sarah lawrence college, sds, seizing the moment, sexual expression/exploration, shaved peaches, skelton keys, small farms, socialist-feminism, strange boys and girls, sunset, tea parties, the natural, the spectrum of identity, uncanny zodiac, unhesitant laughter, unspun mystery, virgin mary, vsaa, watching my gardens grow, weeping willows, wit, writing, youth